Monday, December 2, 2013

STARS Cardigan ... by Saint Laurent ★ ★ ★

this amazing cardigan is on the first place of my christmas wishlist !

i know ... he is from the old collection ;) and the new SS/14 stuff coming soon ... but this
cardigan is a MUST-HAVE and i want it. better late than never xD

whats on your wishlist ??? (please comment)

xoxo manu


  1. Love the way it was styled on Zooey. I wish I knew who those tights were by - so cute!

    xo, Liz

  2. Oh Chloe - she is just so gorgeous! Lovely cardigan too! Perfect around the fire this christmas
    Jenna x

  3. That is such a cool jacket from Saint Laurent, super chic. So glad I clicked on your comment on SONG OF STYLE and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. Btw, I've moved from London to NYC, so check out my newest post on the festive UNION SQUARE HOLIDAY MARKET, guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, let's call it holiday provocation or #SeasonalProvoking. Haha <3

    xx The Provoker

  4. Veeery cute!

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    The Cutielicious

  5. Depends on how much it costs ;) It's nice but I wouldn't pay Sainit Laurent price for it. It doesn't have that WOW factor like other pieces.

  6. The cardigan is sooooo cute!! ;))

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  7. I didn't know this sweater was so popular - looks very casual but cute.


  8. is beautiful )

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